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About Us

MEET THE OLSON SOLAR TEAM We are passionate. We are driven. We care.

Brandon Olson - COO - Co-Founder/Co-Owner

Email: brandon.olson@olsonsolarenergy.com

Meet our operations guy!

A man of many interests, Brandon enjoys indoor rock climbing, hiking, listening to History podcasts, and spending time with his family. He has spent the majority of his adult life in the criminal justice field, but vibrates with excitement at just the mention of Olson Solar. Solar energy first became an interest to Brandon while living in Bellingham, Washington, an environmentally progressive and conscious area. Having drawn his inspiration from The Pacific Northwest, wanting to invest and start up a Solar Energy company with his twin brother became his new goal. Brandon has been responsible for learning all there is to know about solar panels and installing them. With each new fact, he continues to vibrate with excitement.

Cameron Olson - CEO - Co-Founder/Co-Owner

Email: cameron.olson@olsonsolarenergy.com

Meet our numbers guy!

Having been the youngest superintendent ever at Ashley Furniture for most of his early twenties, Cameron’s work ethic and business expertise is an integral part of this duo. After holding the responsibility of managing a multi-million dollar warehouse, Olson Solar is Cameron’s debut at taking a “crack at his own business.” Working side by side with his twin brother, Brandon, makes the experience even better. Cameron enjoys bicycling, playing with his dogs, and spending time with his family in his free time. He is responsible for financially knowing the ins and outs of the solar paneling process.

After several years of living across the country from one another (Washington and North Carolina), the brothers started Olson Solar within months after reuniting in Wisconsin. Cameron and Brandon, as a team, value strong work ethic, excellent customer service, and hold a true passion for the overall goal of Olson Solar. They look forward to learning, growing, serving others, and seeing what the future has in store for their company. Together, Cameron and Brandon are excited to bridge the gap between you and the solar paneling system that you are looking for. Whether you are hoping to make an update on your home or business, they are dedicated to serving your needs.

Mike Kerska - Sales / Marketing Representative
Email: michael.kerska@olsonsolarenergy.com

Introducing our NEW Sales guy!

Mike was born and raised in La Crosse. He and his wife Julie and their family enjoy spending time together participating in a wide range of outdoor sports. Mike has excelled at a career of sales/marketing for a selection of products and services through the years and is excited about this newest adventure providing information and sales to businesses and private parties seeking solar energy alternatives from Olson Solar Energy.

Call Mike to schedule a free consultation! tel:608-386-9837