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Solar Power La Crosse WI

Solar Power La Crosse WI

solar power lacrosseFossil fuel is a non-renewable resource that is critically essential in producing electricity. With its continuously diminishing amount, it has led energy costs to spike rapidly. This has motivated experts to search for an alternative. One such solution that they’ve found is the use of solar power in La Crosse, WI.

Solar power in La Crosse, WI has become a popular source for energy in recent years. This is energy that’s harvested from the heat of the sun. Through the use of solar panels,  sunlight is then converted to electricity. As our non-renewable resources are set to run out eventually, it’s essential that we explore solar power in La Crosse, WI today. 

Benefits Solar Power in La Crosse, WI

If you’re thinking about using solar power in La Crosse, WI, it’s important that you know what you’re getting to ensure your money’s worth. Solar power in La Crosse, WI offers more than you can imagine. So, here’s a list of the benefits of using solar power in La Crosse, WI: 

  • Solar Power in La Crosse, WI Is Environmentally Friendly

Unlike fossil fuels, the use of solar power in La Crosse, WI produces clean and pure energy derived from the sun. It doesn’t emit harmful gases that pollute the air. If you want to help in saving the earth, installing solar power in La Crosse, WI is a great way to support the cause. 

  • Solar Power in La Crosse, WI Cuts Back Energy Bills

One of the great benefits of solar power in La Crosse, WI is that it helps reduce electricity costs. During the day, instead of getting the electricity from the grid, you can simply rely on solar power in La Crosse, WI.

You can also opt to store solar power in La Crosse, WI for later usage. You’ll be able to save money on your electricity bill.

  • Solar Power in La Crosse, WI Adds Value to a Property

The installation of solar panels on a property can significantly increase its value in the real estate market. People know that a solar powered property saves costs on electricity. So when you decide to sell your home, you’ll be able to recoup your expenses on the purchase of the panels that produce solar power in La Crosse, WI. 

  • Solar Power in La Crosse, WI Requires Minimal Maintenance

The equipment for harvesting solar power in La Crosse, WI can be expensive. But once they’re installed you’ll be able to enjoy its benefits for a long time since they’re also proven to be durable.

The only maintenance you need to perform on the equipment for getting solar power in La Crosse, WI is to clean the panels four times a year. You can simply use a garden hose to clear off the dirt and dust.

  • Solar Power in La Crosse, WI Works Great in Remote Locations

There are many areas where electricity lines are inaccessible. This is one of the great differences of the grid and solar power in La Crosse, WI. As long as the sun is up during the day and depending on the weather, people in secluded areas can benefit from solar power in La Crosse, WI. Panels can be set up almost anywhere as long as sunlight reaches the equipment.

Find Quality Solar Equipment and Systems at Olson Solar Energy Today

Solar panels produces sustainable energy that can actually help in running your home at minimal costs. If you’re wondering where to find quality solar panels, Olson Solar Energy is your best bet.

Our professional staff are well-versed on the different equipment and systems for getting solar power in La Crosse, WI. We’ll assist you in choosing the solar power in La Crosse, WI that is right for you. We also do installation services to ensure that your solar power in La Crosse, WI is set perfectly. What are you waiting for? Explore the benefits of solar power in La Crosse, WI today!

Providing Solutions for Your Solar Energy Needs

For years, Olson Solar Energy has been helping homeowners with their solar power needs. This is the reason why many residents of the greater La Crosse and surrounding Western Wisconsin areas trust and rely on us whenever they need solar panels.

Benefits of Using Solar Power

Switching to solar panels is becoming more common to homeowners because of the many benefits it provides. Here are some advantages of making the change:

  • Reduced Energy Costs

Since solar panels generate electricity from the sun, which is a free source, you’ll be able to save more on your energy bills. Some homeowners have even eliminated their energy costs entirely and started earning from their systems. You can sell the extra energy produced to power companies.

  • Tax Incentives

When you have residential solar power systems, you will be eligible for a Renewable Energy Sales Tax Exemption and Property Tax Exemption. Your federal tax incentives also include a 26% tax credit for your system. This means that whatever your system may cost, you’ll get 26% off.

  • Increase Your Property’s Value

If you have plans of selling your house in the future, having solar panels may be more beneficial for you as they can increase your home’s value. Due to the property tax exemption, more potential buyers may become interested in purchasing your property.

Our System Options

At Olson Solar Energy, we provide different system options for our clients to choose from. Here are the types we offer:

  • Grid-Tied System

Our most cost-effective option is the grid-tied system. When you generate more energy than you need, you can sell the extra power  to energy companies. With this type of system, you’ll never have to worry about running out of power since you still have the power grid to use. However, you’ll be out of energy if the grid loses power.

  • Off the Grid System

One of the benefits of using an off the grid system is that the solar energy can be stored in batteries. In case the grid loses power, you can keep your lights on using the stored energy.

With an off the grid system, you would need to have a large system to supply all of your energy. If not, there won't be enough power to sustain your property.

  • Hybrid System

Our most costly, yet most efficient, system is the hybrid. It also has a battery where you can store power, and when you create extra power with your hybrid system, you can sell it to energy companies.

Our Lending Option

Installing solar panels is an investment that will pay off for years to come. If you don’t have enough money, you may apply for a loan. Olson Solar Energy has partnered with LightStream, the nation’s premiere online consumer lender and a division of SunTrust Bank.

With the proceeds of your LightStream loan, you can pay for everything related to the installation of your solar panels such as the design, parts and materials, and labor. Expect as well that your loan won't have fees or prepayment penalties.

Get in Touch With Us

In case you’re not sure which solar panel system is right for your home, our staff will be more than willing to assist you. This is the reason why we offer free consultations to our clients. During this time, we’ll provide you information about solar paneling and the installation process. We’ll also give you a financial estimate of the project, so you would know how much money you would need to prepare for the project.

If you’re planning to use solar panels for your energy needs, reach out to Olson Solar Energy. You may contact us at (608) 780-2347 or visit us at 1009 Riders Club Rd., Onalaska. We look forward to hearing from you!