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I searched broadly for a solar energy installer. At one point, I was dealing with companies as far away as Chicago and Minneapolis St.Paul. I was extremely hesitant to order anything from a company with no local reps or installers. I was overjoyed to find a local company. They helped me with every step of the way. We worked through the design of my system. I have some unusual needs and they were able to accommodate them. I insisted on a battery back up system, in addition to grid tie, which forced them to produce a different design than they were used to dealing with. Our only hiccup to date is waiting for Tesla to deliver the Power Wall we started talking about last summer. The installation went smoothly. The electrician they deal with is great. I had extra needs, which we were able to factor in with my solar installation. The added cost for that was reasonable. They are receptive to suggestion. They are careful. They are responsive, attentive, and thoughtful. They explain things well. Living in the country, I had to go through a rezoning process to be able to build my panels. They helped me with the proposal and came to the rezoning hearing with me. I was eligible for a Wisconsin Focus on Energy rebate and they made sure I knew how to apply for it. (I have the check in hand!) They stand read to help my accountant with my solar energy system tax credit. They have exceeded my expectations. My electric bill has been cut immediately, in the darkest and rainiest days of winter and early spring. The system works. The people are great. I want to see them succeed and make the system as affordable as possible, for as many people as possible. – Michael (Mindoro WI)

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