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Olson Solar Energy is great to work with. They communicate well and have done a great job installing our solar panels.

Jacinta of Viroqua, WI

At Olson Solar Energy, our goal is to complete every one of our projects in the shortest timeline possible.

Rest assured, the answer is, Yes. You don’t have to worry about the weight of solar panels on your roof.

Most customers find that paying with a home refinance loan or moving an investment from a less stable or smaller return program will show instant savings. But even financing offers a great chance for realized savings. In the payback portion of your system, you will likely pay little if any more monthly than you are currently paying for your energy, and unlike your energy bill - you will have the solar panels paid off, usually in 8-12 years. It can be equated on a smaller scale to the decision you made to purchase your home versus paying rent. Learn more.

Every situation is different, it depends on:
1. Amount of your current electric usage.
2. Your address.
3. Potential shading.
4. Position (degrees of due South) of roof or ground area available for installation.
5. Roof or Ground mount system.
All we need is your address and an energy bill. “It costs nothing to find out!”

99% of the systems we install are “grid-tie” meaning you are interconnected with your utility company. This is the most cost-effective and stable solar installation.

  • With a grid-tie system, the power your produce when the sun is up is used by your house first, and access is sold back to the energy company“ and you buy it back and night or on less sunny days using net metering.
  • With a grid-tie system, your system will not produce energy during a power outage as it needs to disconnect to allow the energy company to safely repair their grid without energy being sent back through their lines.

We will always design your system with the goal of covering your monthly and annual usage to eliminate your electric energy bill.

If you have a lot of power outages, live in a remote location or just really prefer to increase your energy independence, we can certainly provide either a hybrid or off-grid option for your energy needs.

  • Yes, right now, the Federal Income Tax Credit for renewable investment is 30%. That amount will remain in effect until December 31, 2032.
  • Most (not all) utility companies in Wisconsin are members of Focus on Energy, which provides a cash rebate of up to $1000 for a residential install and up to $50,000 for a commercial project. (This rebate amount changes annually.)
  • Minnesota Xcel customers can participate in “Solar*Rewards”, which is an incentive that currently pays a qualified customer a rebate of up to $.04 per watt produced each year for 10 years.

Information about available incentives in your area will always be included in your no cost estimate from Olson Solar Energy.

Olson Solar Energy only uses Tier 1 products, and each of our components (solar panels, inverters and mounting/racking components.) all come with a 25 year production warranty, although most systems are expected to last in excess of 30 years.

8 to 12 years. With systems lasting 30 plus, that’s a lot of years of free electricity.

Very durable, tested for hail, high winds, and underwater tests, (solar does not cause roof leaks).
Maintenance free.

The size of your solar energy system will depend on how much electricity you use on an annual basis. We’ll want to take a look at your past electricity bills to see what energy you have been using. Our designers will design and estimate a system that will cover 100% to 120% of your solar usage requirements.

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