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Our Solar Venture

This year we finally made the decision to purchase a photovoltaic system. We"™ve experienced the Covid19 delays, my surgery, a hailstorm of 2 inch stones and through it all Olson"™s has been a good company to work with.

We purchased this house and moved here early in 2019. The orientation of the roof was favorable for solar. We gathered information, but didn"™t feel confident enough in 2019 (to take advantage of the beneficial programs). Then, in early March 2020, we felt confident enough to move forward. We purchased a system from Olson Solar. They did not have the lowest cost system per Kw, but they are nearby and were very helpful. We also spoke with a couple of their previous customers who were very satisfied.

Then Covid19 hit. The project was put on hold, although the materials had been ordered. A few weeks later, solar was placed on the "Essential" list and the project continued to move forward, with the solar panels being installed in May. All through this time Olson gave updates on the project status which made us feel more confident in selecting them.

In late May, I had my knee surgery (which had been COVID postponed). A week later, we had a hail storm with 2 inch hail. I couldn"™t inspect the panels myself, but Olson"™s checked the panels two days later and found no damage. (The panels are tough, plus the hail came from the North). Shortly thereafter the panels were connected, and Xcel started getting our electricity.

Although the panels were undamaged, the roof was not so fortunate. So the solar panels needed to be removed to allow the shingles to be replaced. Again, Olson was a good partner. They removed the panels one afternoon, the roofer re-shingled the house the next day and Olson"™s reinstalled the panels.

All through this, Olson"™s has been helpful in getting the permits filed, helping with the rebate and tax credit programs and communicating well. They also provided an interesting software package that allows us to monitor the system. Olson Solar has been a very positive supplier. Now, only time will tell if the system pays off as we expect it to.

– Keevin
Onalaska, WI

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