Serving Wisconsin, Eastern Minnesota, Northern Iowa, Northern Illinois, and Upper Michigan

95% of the systems we install are "grid-tie" meaning you are interconnected with your utility company. This is the most cost effective, and stable solar installation.

  • With a grid-tie system, the power your produce when the sun is up is used by your house first, and access is sold back to the energy company - and you buy it back and night or on less sunny days using net metering.
  • With a grid-tie system, your system will not produce energy during a power outage as it needs to disconnect to allow the energy company to safely repair their grid without energy being sent back through their lines.

We will always design your system with the goal of covering your monthly and annual usage to eliminate your electric energy bill.

If you have a lot of power outages, live in a remote location or just really prefer to increase your energy independence, we can certainly provide either a hybrid or off-grid option for your energy needs.

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