Serving Wisconsin, Eastern Minnesota, Northern Iowa, Northern Illinois, and Upper Michigan

How long do they last?

Olson Solar Energy only uses Tier 1 products, and each of our components (solar panels, inverters and mounting/racking components) All come with a 25 year production warranty. Although most systems are expected to last in excess of 30 years.

Are there still rebates out there?

Yes, right now the Federal Income Tax Credit for renewable investment is 26%. That amount will remain in effect until December 31, 2022 the credit will reduce to 22%. Most (not all) utility companies in Wisconsin are members of "Focus on Energy", that provides a...

How much will this cost?

Every situation is different, it depends on"¦ Amount of your current electric usage Your address Potential shading Position (degrees of due South) of roof or ground area available for installation Roof or Ground mount system All we need is your address and an energy...

Can I afford it?

Most customers find that paying with a home re-finance loan or moving an investment from a less stable or smaller return program will show instant savings. But even financing offers a great chance for realized savings. In the "payback" portion of your system, you...

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